Allstar Auto Services is family owned and operated. Our children have always loved helping in the family business. Mr. Allstar was first brought into the "picture" when our daughter wanted to buckle her stuffed animals into the vehicles while we took photos of our inventory. In an effort to allow her to participate, we agreed that she could pick one animal that would appear in every vehicle picture from then on. Mr. Allstar quickly grew in popularity and has become a familiar face around the community.
Below you'll find our beloved mascot participating in various activities around town:

Mr J Lee purchased a Aveo to help a neighbor in need!

Mr. Allstar

HELLO, My name is Mr. Allstar. I enjoy checking out our new vehicles and their many options. I stand 16 inches tall and I weigh as much as any stuffed animal. Catch me around town at a Wahoos game or down at Pensacola Beach soaking up the rays.


Whether its a mudhole or the trails at Eglin, I love being around Jeeps!

Ms Gray

Enjoy your Trailblazer!

Mr Allstar bowling


One of my many hobbies include bowling!


Shipley Family!

Enjoy your Freestar!

Enjoy your Ranger!

Enjoy your Ranger!

Enjoy your Chevy Cruze!

Allstar Auto Services is a Family Business